Nam Hom Coconuts

Nestled between the two largest rivers in Thailand, in the fertile valley of Samut Sakhon, you’ll find one of the world’s best coconut plantations producing the world’s best tasting coconut – The Nam Hom. Favoured for its sweet taste and high nutritional value, the young Nam Hom coconut is pure nature wrapped in a generous helping of guilt-free goodness.

We only sell hand-picked, 100% organic Nam Hom coconuts. In fact, our coconuts are so natural, they’ve received the following certifications:

Being Good is Good for Business

Did You Know

Did you know that our raw coconuts are packed with naturally occurring electrolyte minerals, including potassium, calcium and magnesium?



We believe being good is good business, that’s why we trade fairly. It means we can lessen the environmental impact of production, creating a sustainable balance between plantations and wild ecosystems. We also like our farmers and without them, we wouldn’t exist.

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