Our Organic coconuts are here! We’re all set to provide guilt-free refreshment on the beaches of Dubai

Our Nam Hom coconuts are finally here and are coming to Kite Beach! You’ll be able to get your hands on the naturally sweet, refreshing goodness from one of the solar fat bike units positioned down on Kite Beach – so you wont even need to walk off the sand!

Our Thirsty Camel coconuts are hand-picked, organic Nam Hom coconuts from Thailand, making them 100% organic. The coconuts are handpicked from organic, sustainable, biodiverse local farms, and cooled to under four degrees within a few hours from being picked from the tree to keep them completely fresh and with the same great taste as the moment they were picked. They’re served up chilled on Kite Beach in Dubai – and are soon to be available in organic stores too, or delivered to your home!

The coconuts are kept to a cool 1-4 degrees, meaning that our Thirsty Camel coconuts keep the same great taste as the day they were picked. The water from the fresh, young green coconuts is fat free, low in sugars and calories, and rich in electrolytes and vitamins, as well as hypoglycemic and hypotension-inducing compounds such as calcium and potassium. The real difference is the taste though, Nam Hom coconuts are known as the aromatic coconut, and they are picked at nine months old, at the point at which they have the maximum amount of fresh hydrating water.

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