Organic farms produce our young Thai Nam Hom coconuts

Thirsty Camel young Thai coconuts are 100% organically grown by our certified organic farmers (free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides)

Most consumers have no idea about the large quantities of fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides that are omnipresent on most coconut exporting farms. In addition, non-organic coconuts are often subject to post-harvest treatments such as bleaching agents, fungicides and preservatives to ensure the coconuts survive the several weeks of transport to global points-of-sale.

Our young organic Thai Nam Hom coconuts are grown using only certified organic farming methods, greatly reducing the incidence of any pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and fungicides in our products. By avoiding the use of synthetic chemicals, organic farming also helps to preserve biodiversity, soil fertility, groundwater quality and the health of farmworkers. Meanwhile, our chemical-free preservation techniques guarantee that Thirsty Camel coconuts remain 100% organic.

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