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Our Organic coconuts are here! We’re all set to provide guilt-free refreshment on the beaches of Dubai

Our Nam Hom coconuts are finally here and are coming to Kite Beach! You’ll be able to get your hands on the naturally sweet, refreshing goodness from one of the solar fat bike units positioned…

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Organic farms produce our young Thai Nam Hom coconuts

Thirsty Camel young Thai coconuts are 100% organically grown by our certified organic farmers (free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides) Most consumers have no idea about the large quantities of fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides…

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Bio Control Farming Techniques

Our farmers invest an incredible amount of effort into creating an eco-friendly environment to grow Thirsty Camel young Thai coconuts. An incredible amount of effort goes into creating an eco-friendly organic coconut farm. Our farms…

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We support sustainable development

By investing in organic coconut farms and helping to empower farmers to embrace eco-friendly best practices, Thirsty Camel supports sustainable, socio-economic development. Organic agriculture can make a significant contribution to socio-economic and ecologically sustainable development…

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